Publications of G. Skoulatakis

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Fingerhut, J.; Borodin, D.; Schwarzer, M.; Skoulatakis, G.; Auerbach, D. J.; Wodtke, A. M.; Kitsopoulos, T. N.: The barrier for CO2 functionalization to formate on hydrogenated Pt. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 125 (34), pp. 7396 - 7405 (2021)
Journal Article
Borodin, D.; Rahinov, I.; Fingerhut, J.; Schwarzer, M.; Hörandl, S.; Skoulatakis, G.; Schwarzer, D.; Kitsopoulos, T. N.; Wodtke, A. M.: NO binding energies to and diffusion barrier on Pd obtained with velocity-resolved kinetics. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125 (21), pp. 11773 - 11781 (2021)
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