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    Grimm, C.; Kandratsenka, A.; Schroeder, J.; Wagener, P.; Zerbs, J.: Photo-induced Isomerization Kinetics of Diiodomethane in Supercritical Fluid Solution - Local Density Effects. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 110 (9), pp. 3320 - 3329 (2006)
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    Kandratsenka, A.; Schroeder, J.; Schwarzer, D.; Vikhrenko, V. S.: Molecular dynamics modeling of cooling of vibrationally highly excited carbon dioxide produced in the photodissociation of organic peroxides in solution. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 7 (6), pp. 1205 - 1213 (2005)

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    Bartels, C.; Golibrzuch, K.; Kandratsenka, A.; Cooper, R.; Rahinov, I.; Auerbach, D. J.; Wodtke, A. M.: Vibrational excitation and relaxation of NO molecules scattered from a Au(111) surface. In: Molecular beams and molecular collisions. 28. International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics., Vol. 2, pp. 1330 - 1339 (Eds. Mareschal, M.; Santos, A.). American Institute of Physics, Melville, N.Y. (2012)
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