Publications of K. D. Preuss

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Journal Article
Sachse, H.; Hagendorff, G.; Preuss, K. D.; Sharma, H. S.; Scheit, K.H.: Synthesis, molecular cloning and expression of genes coding for atrial natriuretic factors from rat and human. Nucleosides and Nucleotides 7 (1), pp. 61 - 73 (1988)
Journal Article
Einspanier, R.; Pitzel, L.; Wuttke, W.; Hagendorff, G.; Preuss, K. D.; Kardalinou, E.; Scheit, K.H.: Demonstration of mRNAs for oxytocin and prolactin in porcine granulosa and luteal cells. Effects of these hormones on progesterone secretion in vitro. FEBS Letters 204 (1), pp. 37 - 40 (1986)
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