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    Journal Article
    Rahjouei, A.; Pirouz, M.; Di Virgilio, M.; Kamin, D.; Kessel, M.: MAD2L2 promotes open chromatin in embryonic stem cells and derepresses the Dppa3 locus. Stem Cell Reports 8 (4) (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Pirouz, M.; Rahjouei, A.; Shamsi, F.; Eckermann, K. N.; Salinas-Riester, G.; Pommerenke, C.; Kessel, M.: Destabilization of pluripotency in the absence of Mad2l2. Cell Cycle 14 (10), pp. 1596 - 1610 (2015)

Thesis - PhD (1)

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    Thesis - PhD
    Rahjouei, A.: Mad2l2 as a safeguard for open chromatin in embryonic stem cells. Dissertation, 90 pp., Georg August Universität, Göttingen (2016)
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