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    Journal Article
    Boersch, M.; Turina, P.; Eggeling, C.; Fries, J. R.; Seidel, C.; Labahn, A.; Graeber, P.: Change of diffusion coefficient of ECF1 upon nucleotide binding detected by single molecule fluorescence. Italian Biochemical Society Transaction 11, pp. 47 - 50 (1998)
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    Journal Article
    Eggeling, C.; Fries, J. R.; Brand, L.; Guenther, R.; Seidel, C.: Monitoring conformational dynamics of a single molecule by selective fluorescence spectroscopy. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 95, pp. 1556 - 1561 (1998)
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    Journal Article
    Brand, L.; Eggeling, C.; Zander, C.; Drexhage, K. H.; Seidel, C.: Single-molecule identification of Coumarin-120 by time-resolved fluorescence detection: Comparison of one- and two-photon excitation in solution. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 101 (24), pp. 4313 - 4321 (1997)
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    Journal Article
    Brand, L.; Eggeling, C.; Seidel, C.: Single-molecule detection of coumarin-120. Nucleosides & Nucleotides 16 (5-6), pp. 551 - 556 (1997)
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    Journal Article
    Zander, C.; Sauer, M.; Drexhage, K. H.; Ko, D. S.; Schulz, A.; Wolfrum, J.; Brand, L.; Eggeling, C.; Seidel, C.: Detection and characterization of single molecules in aqueous solution. Applied Physics B-Lasers and Optics 63 (5), pp. 517 - 523 (1996)

Book Chapter (1)

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    Book Chapter
    Eggeling, C.; Widengren, J.; Rigler, R.; Seidel, C. A. M.: Photostability of fluorescent dyes for single-molecule spectroscopy: Mechanisms and experimental methods for estimating photobleaching in aqueous solution. In: Applied Fluorescence in Chemistry, Biology and Medicine, pp. 193 - 240 (Eds. Rettig, W.; Strehmel, B.; Schrader, S.; Seifert, H.). Springer, Berlin (1998)

Thesis - Habilitation (1)

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    Thesis - Habilitation
    Seidel, C.: Mechanismen der molekularen Erkennung durch Fluoreszenzlöschung und Anwendungen zur Einzelmolekülcharakterisierung durch Fluoreszenzspektroskopie. Habilitation, Heidelberg (1998)
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