Publications of A. Stier

Journal Article (28)

Journal Article
Stier, A.: Oxalosis by inhalation. Medizinische Klinik 82 (17), pp. 590 - 592 (1987)
Journal Article
Müller, R.; Schmidt, W. E.; Stier, A.: The site of cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase catalyzed phosphorylation of cytochrome P-450 LM2. FEBS Letters 187 (1), pp. 21 - 24 (1985)
Journal Article
Taniguchi, H.; Pyerin, W.; Stier, A.: Conversion of hepatic microsomal cytochrome P-450 to P-420 upon phosphorylation by cyclic AMP dependent protein kinase. Biochemical Pharmacology 34 (10), pp. 1835 - 1837 (1985)
Journal Article
Finch, S.A.E.; Piper, H. M.; Spieckermann, P. G.; Stier, A.: Anoxia influences the lateral diffusion of a lipid probe in the plasma membrane of isolated cardiac myocytes. Basic Research in Cardiology 80, pp. 149 - 152 (1985)
Journal Article
Pyerin, W.; Taniguchi, H.; Stier, A.; Oesch, F.; Wolf, C. R.: Phosphorylation of rabbit liver cytochrome P-450 LM2 and its effect on monooxygenase activity. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 123 (2), pp. 620 - 626 (1984)
Journal Article
Finch, S.A.E.; Greinert, R.; Stier, A.; Grünewald, K.; Maly, K.; Scheidl, F.; Grunicke, H.: Alteration of plasma membranes of Ehrlich-ascites tumor cells by N-lost (chlormethine). A study of fluorescence depolarization and fluorescence photobleaching recovery. Hoppe-Seyler's Zeitschrift für Physiologische Chemie 365, pp. 231 - 232 (1984)
Journal Article
Grunicke, H.; Doppler, W.; Finch, S.A.E.; Greinert, R.; Grunewald, K.; Hofmann, J.; Maly, K.; Stier, A.; Scheidl, F.; Thomas, J. K.: Effects of nitrogen mustard on potassium transport systems and membrane structure of Ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Advances in Enzyme Regulation 23, pp. 277 - 290 (1984)
Journal Article
Bösterling, B.; Stier, A.: Specificity in the interaction of phospholipids and fatty acids with vesicle reconstituted cytochrome P-450. A spin label study. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 729 (2), pp. 258 - 266 (1983)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Stier, A.; Finch, S.A.E.; Greinert, G.; Taniguchi, H.: Membrane protein interactions in biotransformation. In: Cytochrome P-450, biochemistry, biophysics and induction, pp. 139 - 146 (Ed. Vereczkey, L.). Akademiai Kiado, Budapest (1985)

Conference Paper (2)

Conference Paper
Stier, A.; Schlenker, A.; Sidhu, J.; Kühnle, W.; Finch, S.A.E.: Heterogeneity of biotranformation in perifused liver-cells. Anticancer Research 7 (5), p. 914 - 914 (1987)
Conference Paper
Pyerin, W.; Taniguchi, H.; Stier, A.; Amelizad, Z.; Oesch, F.; Wolf, C. R.: Phosphorylation of cytochrome-P-450 and its effect on monooxygenase activity. Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology 109 (2), p. A10 - A10 (1985)
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