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    Rabe, T.; Griesel, G.; Blanke, S.; Kispert, A.; Leitges, M.; van der Zwaag, B.; Burbach, J. P.; Varoqueaux, F.; Mansouri, A.: The transcription factor Uncx4.1 acts in a short window of midbrain dopaminergic neuron differentiation. Neural Development 7 (2012)
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    Journal Article
    Blanke, S.; Jaeckle, H.: Novel guanine nucleotide exchange factor GEFmeso of Drosophila melanogaster interacts with Ral and Rho GTPase Cdc42. FASEB Journal 20 (6), pp. 683 - 691 (2006)
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    Niessing, D.; Blanke, S.; Jaeckle, H.: Bicoid associates with the 5 '-cap-bound complex of caudal mRNA and represses translation. Genes & Development 16 (19), pp. 2576 - 2582 (2002)
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