Publications of S. De Riemer

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Journal Article
Macagno, E. R.; Muller, K. J.; De Riemer, S.: Regeneration of axons and synaptic connections by touch sensory neurons in the leech central nervous system. Journal of Neuroscience 5 (9), pp. 2510 - 2521 (1985)
Journal Article
De Riemer, S.; Schweitzer, B.; Kaczmarek, L. K.: Inhibitors of calcium dependent enzymes prevent theonset of afterdischarge in the peptidergic bag cell neurons of Aplysia. Brain Research 340, pp. 175 - 180 (1985)
Journal Article
De Riemer, S.; Strong, J. A.; Albert, K. A.; Greengard, P.; Kaczmarek, L. K.: Enhancement of calcium current in Aplysia neurones by phorbol ester and protein kinase C. Nature 313, pp. 313 - 316 (1985)
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