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Journal Article
Hedrich, R.; Barbierbrygoo, H.; Felle, H.; Flugge, U. I.; Luttge, U.; Maathuis, F. J. M.; Marx, S.; Prins, H. B. A.; Raschke, K.; Schnabl, H. et al.; Schroeder, J.; Struve, I.; Taiz, L.; Ziegler, P.: General mechanisms for solute transport across the tonoplast of plant vacuoles: A patch clamp survey of ion channels and proton pumps. Plant Biology 101 (1), pp. 7 - 13 (1988)
Journal Article
Schroeder, J.: Voltage-dpendent gating of K+ channels in guard-cells. Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler 368 (10), pp. 11270 - 1270 (1987)
Journal Article
Hedrich, R.; Schroeder, J.; Fernandez, J. M.: Patch-clamp studies on higher plant cells: A perspective. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 12 (2), pp. 49 - 52 (1987)
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