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    Becker, T.; Gerke, V.; Kube, E.; Weber, K.: S100P, a novel Ca2+-binding protein from human placenta: cDNA cloning, recombinant protein expression and Ca2+ binding properties. European Journal of Biochemistry 207 (2), S. 541 - 547 (1992)
  2. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Kube, E.; Becker, T.; Weber, K.; Gerke, V.: Protein-protein interaction studied by site-directed mutagenesis. Characterization of the annexin II-binding site on p11, a member of the S100 protein family. Journal of Biological Chemistry 267 (20), S. 14175 - 14182 (1992)
  3. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Becker, T.; Weber, K.; Johnsson, N.: Protein-protein recognition via short amphiphilic helices; a mutational analysis of the binding site of annexin II for p11. EMBO Journal 9 (13), S. 4207 - 4213 (1990)
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