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  1. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Gruber, J.; Harborth, J.; Schnabel, J.; Weber, K.; Hatzfeld, M.: The mitotic-spindle-associated protein astrin is essential for progression through mitosis. Journal of Cell Science 115 (21), S. 4053 - 4059 (2002)
  2. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Schnabel, J.; Weber, K.; Hatzfeld, M.: Protein-protein interactions between polypeptides expressed in the yeast two-hybrid system. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1403, S. 158 - 168 (1998)
  3. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Hatzfeld, M.; Kristjansson, G. I.; Plessmann, U.; Weber, K.: Band 6 protein, a major constituent of desmosomes from stratified epithelia, is a novel member of the armadillo multigene family. Journal of Cell Science 107, S. 2259 - 2270 (1994)
  4. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Hatzfeld, M.; Burba, M.: Function of type I and type II keratin head domains: their role in dimer, tetramer and filament formation. Journal of Cell Science 107, S. 1959 - 1972 (1994)
  5. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Kouklis, P. D.; Hatzfeld, M.; Brunkener, M.; Weber, K.; Georgatos, S. D.: In vitro assembly properties of vimentin mutagenized at the beta-site tail motif. Journal of Cell Science 106, S. 919 - 928 (1993)
  6. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Hatzfeld, M.; Dodemont, H.; Plessmann, U.; Weber, K.: Truncation of recombinant vimentin by ompT. Identification of a short motif in the head domain necessary for assembly of type III intermediate filament proteins. FEBS Letters 302 (3), S. 239 - 242 (1992)
  7. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Hatzfeld, M.; Weber, K.: A synthetic peptide representing the consensus sequence motif at the carboxy-terminal end of the rod domain inhibits intermediate filament assembly and disassembles preformed filaments. Journal of Cell Biology 116 (1), S. 157 - 166 (1992)
  8. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Hatzfeld, M.; Weber, K.: Modulation of keratin intermediate filament assembly by single amino acid exchanges in the consensus sequence at the C-terminal end of the rod domain. Journal of Cell Science 99, S. 351 - 362 (1991)
  9. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Hatzfeld, M.; Weber, K.: Tailless keratins assemble into regular intermediate filaments in vitro. Journal of Cell Science 97, S. 317 - 324 (1990)
  10. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Hatzfeld, M.; Weber, K.: The coiled coil of in vitro assembled keratin filaments is a heterodimer of type I and II keratins: Use of site-specific mutagenesis and recombinant protein expression. Journal of Cell Biology 110 (4), S. 1199 - 1210 (1990)
  11. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Geisler, N.; Hatzfeld, M.; Weber, K.: Phosphorylation of vimentin by protein kinases A and C is restricted to the head domain. European Journal of Biochemistry 183 (2), S. 441 - 447 (1989)
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