Publikationen von M. Weber

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Weber, M.; Leutenegger, M.; Stoldt, S.; Jakobs, S.; Mihaila, T. S.; Butkevich, A. N.; Hell, S. W.: MINSTED fluorescence localization and nanoscopy. Nature Photonics 15, S. 361 - 366 (2021)
Weber, M.; Khan, T. A.; Patalag, L. J.; Bossi, M.; Leutenegger, M.; Belov, V. N.; Hell, S. W.: Photoactivatable Fluorophore for Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) Microscopy and Bioconjugation Technique for Hydrophobic Labels. Chemistry - A European Journal 27 (1), S. 451 - 458 (2021)
Roubinet, B.; Weber, M.; Shojaei, H.; Bates, M.; Bossi, M. L.; Belov, V. N.; Irie, M.; Hell, S. W.: Fluorescent photoswitchable diarylethenes for biolabeling and single molecule localization microscopies with optical superresolution. Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (19), S. 6611 - 6620 (2017)
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