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  1. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Warias, M.; Grubmüller, H.; Bock, L. V.: tRNA dissociation from EF-Tu after GTP hydrolysis: Primary steps and antibiotic inhibition. Biophysical Journal 118 (1), S. 151 - 161 (2020)
  2. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Heinz, L. P.; Grubmüller, H.: Computing spatially resolved rotational hydration entropies from atomistic simulations. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 16 (1), S. 108 - 118 (2020)
  3. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Peng, B. Z.; Bock, L. V.; Belardinelli, R.; Peske, F.; Grubmüller, H.; Rodnina, M. V.: Active role of elongation factor G in maintaining the mRNA reading frame during translation. Science Advances 5 (12), eaax8030 (2019)
  4. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Kutzner, C.; Páll, S.; Fechner, M.; Esztermann, A.; de Groot, B. L.; Grubmüller, H.: More bang for your buck: Improved use of GPU nodes for GROMACS 2018. Journal of Computational Chemistry 40 (27), S. 2418 - 2431 (2019)
  5. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Bock, L. V.; Caliskan, N.; Korniy, N.; Peske, F.; Rodnina, M. V.; Grubmüller, H.: Thermodynamic control of −1 programmed ribosomal frameshifting. Nature Communications 10 (2019)
  6. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Rico, F.; Russek, A.; Gonzalez, L.; Grubmüller, H.; Scheuring, S.: Heterogeneous and rate-dependent streptavidin-biotin unbinding revealed by high-speed force spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116 (14) (2019)
  7. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Igaev, M.; Kutzner, C.; Bock, L. V.; Vaiana, A. C.; Grubmüller, H.: Automated cryo-EM structure refinement using correlation-driven molecular dynamics. eLife 8 (2019)
  8. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Abraham, M. J.; Apostolov, R. P.; Barnoud, J.; Bauer, P.; Blau, C.; Bonvin, A. M. J. J.; Chavent, M.; Chodera, J. D.; Čondić-Jurkić, K.; Delemotte, L. et al.; Grubmüller, H.; Howard, R. J.; Jordan, E. J.; Lindal, E.; Ollila, O. H. S.; Selent, J.; Smith, D. G. A.; Stansfeld, P. J.; Tiemann, J. K. S.; Trellet, M.; Woods, C. J.; Zhmurov, A.: Sharing data from molecular simulations. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 59 (10), S. 4093 - 4099 (2019)
  9. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Nagy, G.; Hoffmann, S. V.; Jones, N. C.; Grubmüller, H.: SESCA: Predicting the circular dichroism spectra of proteins from molecular structure. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 15 (9), S. 5087 - 5102 (2019)
  10. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Graen, T.; Klement, R.; Grupi, A.; Haas, E.; Grubmüller, H.: Transient secondary and tertiary structure formation kinetics in the intrinsically disordered state of α-Synuclein from atomistic simulations. ChemPhysChem 19 (19), S. 2507 - 2511 (2018)
  11. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Bassereau, P.; Jin, R.; Baumgart, T.; Deserno, M.; Dimova, R.; Frolov, V. A.; Bashkirov, P. V.; Grubmüller, H.; Jahn, R.; Risselada, H. J. et al.; Johannes, L.; Kozlov, M. M.; Lipowsky, R.; Pucadyil, T. J.; Zeno, W. F.; Stachowiak, J. C.; Stamou, D.; Breuer, A.; Lauritsen, L.; Simon, C.; Sykes, C.; Voth, G. A.; Weikl, T. R.: The 2018 biomembrane curvature and remodeling roadmap. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 51 (34), 343001 (2018)
  12. Zeitschriftenartikel
    von Ardenne, B.; Mechelke, M.; Grubmüller, H.: Structure determination from single molecule X-ray scattering with three photons per image. Nature Communications 9 (2018)
  13. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Rydzewski, J.; Jakubowski, R.; Nowak, W.; Grubmüller, H.: Kinetics of huperzine A dissociation from acetylcholinesterase via multiple unbinding pathways. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 14 (6), S. 2843 - 2851 (2018)
  14. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Igaev, M.; Grubmüller, H.: Microtubule assembly governed by tubulin allosteric gain in flexibility and lattice induced fit. eLife 7 (2018)
  15. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Bock, L. V.; Kolar, M. H.; Grubmüller, H.: Molecular simulations of the ribosome and associated translation factors. Current Opinion in Structural Biology 49, S. 27 - 35 (2018)
  16. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Bock, L. V.; Kolář, M. H.; Grubmüller, H.: Molecular simulations of the ribosome and associated translation factors. arXiv (2017)
  17. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Huter, P.; Arenz, S.; Bock, L. V.; Graf, M.; Frister, J. O.; Heuer, A.; Peil, L.; Starosta, A. L.; Wohlgemuth, I.; Peske, F. et al.; Nováček, J.; Berninghausen, O.; Grubmüller, H.; Tenson, T.; Beckmann, R.; Rodnina, M. V.; Vaiana, A. C.; Wilson, D. N.: Structural basis for polyproline-mediated ribosome stalling and rescue by the translation elongation factor EF-P. Molecular Cell 68 (3), S. 515 - 527 (2017)
  18. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Yin, Z.; Inhester, L.; Thekku Veedu, S.; Quevedo, W.; Pietzsch, A.; Wernet, P.; Groenhof, G.; Föhlisch, A.; Grubmüller, H.; Techert, S.: Cationic and anionic impact on the electronic structure of liquid water. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 (16), S. 3759 - 3764 (2017)
  19. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Gajewski, J.; Buelens, F. P.; Serdjukow, S.; Janßen, M.; Cortina, N.; Grubmüller, H.; Grininger, M.: Engineering fatty acid synthases for directed polyketide production. Nature Chemical Biology 13 (4), S. 363 - 365 (2017)
  20. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Czub, J.; Wieczór, M.; Prokopowicz, B.; Grubmüller, H.: Mechanochemical energy transduction during the main rotary step in the synthesis cycle of F1-ATPase. Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (11), S. 4025 - 4034 (2017)
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