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  1. 1.
    Bartels, N.; Golibrzuch, K.; Bartels, C.; Chen, L.; Auerbach, D. J.; Wodtke, A. M.; Schäfer, T.:
    Dynamical steering in an electron transfer surface reaction: Oriented NO(v = 3, 0.08 < E i < 0.89 eV) relaxation in collisions with a Au(111) surface. The Journal of Chemical Physics 140 (5) (2014)
  2. 2.
    Baumbach, J.; Hummel, P.; Bickmeyer, I.; Kowalc, K. M.; Frank, M.; Knorr, K.; Hildebrandt, A.; Riedel, D.; Jäckle, H.; Kühnlein, R.:
    A Drosophila in vivo screen identifies store-operated calcium entry as a key regulator of adiposity. Cell metabolism 19 (2), 331-343 (2014)
  3. 3.
    Biesemann, C.; Groenborg, M.; Luquet, E.; Wichert, S. P.; Bernard, V.; Bungers, S. R.; Cooper, B.; Varoqueaux, F.; Li, L.; Byrne, J. A.; Urlaub, H.; Jahn, O.; Brose, N.; Herzog, E.:
    Proteomic screening of glutamatergic mouse brain synaptosomes isolated by fluorescence activated sorting. The EMBO Journal 33 (2), 157-170 (2014)
  4. 4.
    Buhl, T.; Braun, A.; Forkel, S.; Moebius, W.; van Werven, L.; Jahn, O.; Rezaei-Ghaley, N.; Zweckstetter, M.; Mempel, M.; Schoen, M. P.; Haennssle, H. A.:
    Internalization routes of cell-penetrating melanoma antigen peptides into human dendritic cells. Experimental Dermatology 23 (1), 20-26 (2014)
  5. 5.
    de Geronimo, E.; Rodriguez Sawicki, L.; Botasso Arias, N.; Franchini, G. R.; Zamarreno, F.; Costabel, M. D.; Corsico, B.; Falomir Lockhart, L. J.:
    IFABP portal region insertion during membrane interaction depends on phospholipid composition. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids 1841 (1), 141-150 (2014)
  6. 6.
    Eser, P.; Demel, C.; Maier, K. C.; Schwalb, B.; Pirkl, N.; Martin, D. E.; Cramer, P.; Tresch, A.:
    Periodic mRNA synthesis and degradation co-operate during cell cycle gene expression. Molecular Systems Biology 10 (1) (2014)
  7. 7.
    Ferrari, K. J.; Scelfo, A.; Jammula, S.; Cuomo, A.; Barozzi, I.; Stützer, A.; Fischle, W.; Bonaldi, T.; Pasini, D.:
    Polycomb-dependent H3K27me1 and H3K27me2 regulate active transcription and enhancer fidelity. Molecular Cell 53 (1), 49-62 (2014)
  8. 8.
    Frahm, J.; Schätz, S.; Untenberger, M.; Zhang, S.; Voit, D.; Merboldt, K. D.; Sohns, J. M.; Lotz, J.; Uecker, M.:
    On the Temporal Fidelity of Nonlinear Inverse Reconstructions for Real- Time MRI – The Motion Challenge. The Open Medical Imaging Journal 8 1-7 (2014)
  9. 9.
    A new set of highly efficient, tag-cleaving proteases for purifying recombinant proteins. Journal of Chromatography A 1337 95-105 (2014)
  10. 10.
    Purification of protein complexes of defined subunit stoichiometry using a set of orthogonal, tag-cleaving proteases. Journal of Chromatography A 1337 106-115 (2014)
  11. 11.
    Gillanders, F.; Giordano, L.; Diaz, S. A.; Jovin, T. M.; Jares-Erijman, E. A.:
    Photoswitchable fluorescent diheteroarylethenes: substituent effects on photochromic and solvatochromic properties. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 33 603-612 (2014)
  12. 12.
    The importance of accurate adiabatic interaction potentials for the correct description of electronically nonadiabatic vibrational energy transfer: A combined experimental and theoretical study of NO(v=3) collisions with a Au(111) surface. The Journal of Chemical Physics 140 (4) (2014)
  13. 13.
    Greb, F.; Krivobokova, T.; Munk, A.; von Cramon-Taubadel, S.:
    Regularized Bayesian estimation of generalized threshold regression models. Bayesian Analysis 9 (1), 171-196 (2014)
  14. 14.
    Guzzi, R.; Bartucci, R.; Marsh, D.:
    Heterogeneity of protein substates visualized by spin-label EPR. Biophysical Journal 106 (3), 716-722 (2014)
  15. 15.
    Extreme value analysis of frame coefficients and implications for image denoising. Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis 36 (3), 434-460 (2014)
  16. 16.
    Kassiopeia: A database and web application for the analysis of mutually exclusive exomes of eukaryotes. BMC Genomics 15 (2014)
  17. 17.
    Hirschmann, W. D.; Westendorf, H.; Mayer, A.; Cannarozzi, G.; Cramer, P.; Jansen, R. P.:
    Scp160p is required for translational efficiency of codon-optimized mRNAs in yeast. Nucleic Acids Research 42 (6), 4043-4055 (2014)
  18. 18.
    Holleboom, C. P.; Walla, P. J.:
    The back and forth of energy transfer between carotenoids and chlorophylls and its role in the regulation of light harvesting. Photosynthesis Research 119 (1-2), 215-221 (2014)
  19. 19.
    GTP hydrolysis by EF‐G synchronizes tRNA movement on small and large ribosomal subunits. The EMBO Journal 33 (7), 665-779 (2014)
  20. 20.
    Quantifying artifacts in Ewald simulations of inhomogeneous systems with a net charge. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 10 (1), 381-390 (2014)
  21. 21.
    Structure of the mitochondrial translocator protein in complex with a diagnostic ligand. Science 343 (6177), 1363-1366 (2014)
  22. 22.
    Jaspers, M. H. J.; Pflanz, R.; Riedel, D.; Kawelke, S.; Feussner, I.; Schuh, R.:
    The fatty acyl-CoA reductase Waterproof mediates airway clearance in Drosophila. Developmental Biology 385 (1), 23-31 (2014)
  23. 23.
    Coordinate-targeted and coordinate-stochastic super-resolution microscopy with the reversibly switchable fluorescent protein Dreiklang. ChemPhysChem 15 (4), 756-762 (2014)
  24. 24.
    Kamin, D.; Revelo, N. H.; Rizzoli, S. O.:
    FM dye photo-oxidation as a tool for monitoring membrane recycling in inner hair cells. PLoS One 9 (2) (2014)
  25. 25.
    Karagoz, G. E.; Duarte, A. M. S.; Akoury, E.; Ippel, H.; Biernat, J.; Luengo, T. M.; Radli, M.; Didenko, T.; Nordhues, B. A.; Veprintsev, D. B.; Dickey, C. A.; Mandelkow, E.; Zweckstetter, M.; Boelens, R.; Madl, T.; Rudiger, S. G. D.:
    Hsp90-Tau complex reveals molecular basis for specificity in chaperone action. Cell 156 (5), 963-974 (2014)
  26. 26.
    Shared gene structures and clusters of mutually exclusive spliced exons within the metazoan muscle myosin heavy chain genes. PLoS One 9 (2) (2014)
  27. 27.
    Two-color RESOLFT nanoscopy with green and red fluorescent photochromic proteins. ChemPhysChem 15 (4), 655-663 (2014)
  28. 28.
    Intermediate dipolar distances from spin labels. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 238 77-81 (2014)
  29. 29.
    Matthes, D.; Daebel, V.; Meyenberg, K.; Riedel, D.; Heim, G.; Diederichsen, U.; Lange, A.; De Groot, B. L.:
    Spontaneous aggregation of the insulin-derived steric zipper peptide VEALYL results in different aggregation forms with common features. Journal of Molecular Biology 426 (2), 362-376 (2014)
  30. 30.
    Morozov, Y. I.; Agaronyan, K.; Cheung, A. C. M.; Anikin, M.; Cramer, P.; Temiakov, D.:
    A novel intermediate in transcription initiation by human mitochondrial RNA polymerase. Nucleic Acids Research (2014)
  31. 31.
    On the physiology of normal swallowing as revealed by magnetic resonance imaging in real time. Gastroenterelogy Research and Practice 2014 (2014)
  32. 32.
    Paul, V.; Tonchev, A. B.; Henningfeld, K. A.; Pavlakis, E.; Rust, B.; Pieler, T.; Stoykova, A.:
    Scratch2 modulates neurogenesis and cell migration through antagonism of bHLH proteins in the developing neocortex. Cerebral Cortex 24 (3), 754-772 (2014)
  33. 33.
    Timing of GTP binding and hydrolysis by translation termination factor RF3. Nucleic Acids Research 42 (3), 1812-1820 (2014)
  34. 34.
    Quodbach, J.; Moussavi, A.; Tammer, R.; Frahm, J.; Kleinebudde, P.:
    Tablet disintegration studied by high-resolution real-time magnetic resonance imaging. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 103 (1), 249-255 (2014)
  35. 35.
    Sahl, S. J.; Leutenegger, M.; Hell, S. W.; Eggeling, C.:
    High-resolution tracking of single-molecule diffusion in membranes by confocalized and spatially differentiated fluorescence photon stream recording. ChemPhysChem 15 (4), 771-783 (2014)
  36. 36.
    Samuel, P. P.; Li, Y.; Roesky, H. W.; Chevelkov, V.; Lange, A.; Burkhardt, A.; Dittrich, B.:
    Synthetic access to a hydrocarbon-soluble trifluorinated Ge(II) compound and its Sn(II) congener. JACS 136 (4), 1292-1295 (2014)
  37. 37.
    Mass spectrometry–based relative quantification of proteins in precatalytic and catalytically active spliceosomes by metabolic labeling (SILAC), chemical labeling (iTRAQ), and label-free spectral count. RNA 20 (3), 406-420 (2014)
  38. 38.
    Schmidt, M.; Reinscheid, F.; Sun, H.; Abromeit, H.; Scriba, G. K. E.; Soennichsen, F. D.; John, M.; Reinscheid, U. M.:
    Hidden flexibility of strychnine. European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2014 (6), 1147-1150 (2014)
  39. 39.
    Schreieck, A.; Easter, A. D.; Etzold, S.; Wiederhold, K.; Lidschreiber, M.; Cramer, P.; Passmore, L. A.:
    RNA polymerase II termination involves C-terminal-domain tyrosine dephosphorylation by CPF subunit Glc7. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 21 (2), 175-179 (2014)
  40. 40.
    Schwalbe, M.; Ozenne, V.; Bibow, S.; Jaremko, M.; Jaremko, L.; Gajda, M. J.; Jensen, M. R.; Biernat, J.; Becker, S.; Mandelkow, E.; Zweckstetter, M.; Blackledge, M.:
    Predictive atomic resolution descriptions of intrinsically disordered hTau40 and alpha-synuclein in solution from NMR and small angle scattering. Structure 22 (2), 238-249 (2014)
  41. 41.
    Schweizer, R.; Wittmann, A.; Frahm, J.:
    A rare anatomical variation newly identifies the brains of C.F. Gauss and C.H. Fuchs in a collection at the University of Göttingen. Brain 137 (4) (2014)
  42. 42.
    Thestrup, T.; Litzlbauer, J.; Bartholomaeus, I.; Mues, M.; Russo, L.; Dana, H.; Kovalchuk, Y.; Liang, Y. J.; Kalamakis, G.; Laukat, Y.; Becker, S.; Witte, G.; Geiger, A.; Allen, T.; Rome, L. C.; Chen, T. W.; Kim, D. S.; Garaschuk, O.; Griesinger, C.; Griesbeck, O.:
    Optimized ratiometric calcium sensors for functional in vivo imaging of neurons and T lymphocytes. Nature Methods 11 (2), 175-182 (2014)
  43. 43.
    Troe, J.; Ushakov, V. G.:
    Representation of "broad" falloff curves for dissociation and recombination reactions. Zeitschrift für physikalische Chemie 228 (1), 1-10 (2014)
  44. 44.
    On convergence rates for iteratively regularized Newton-type methods under a Lipschitz-type nonlinearity condition. Journal of Inverse and III-posed Problems (2014)
  45. 45.
    Wilkins, B. J.; Rall, N. A.; Ostwal, Y.; Kruitwagen, T.; Hiragami-Hamada, K.; Winkler, M.; Barral, Y.; Fischle, W.; Neumann, H.:
    A cascade of histone modifications induces chromatin condensation in mitosis. Science 343 (6166), 77-80 (2014)
  46. 46.
    Willig, K. I.; Steffens, H.; Gregor, C.; Herholt, A.; Rossner, M. J.; Hell, S. W.:
    Nanoscopy of filamentous actin in cortical dendrites of a living mouse. Biophysical Journal 106 (1), L01-L02 (2014)
  47. 47.
    Bescheidenheit trifft Freigeist. Deutsche Universitätszeitung (02), 40-41 (2014)
  48. 48.
    Explicit proton transfer in classical molecular dynamics simulations. Journal of Computational Chemistry 35 (8), 657-671 (2014)
  49. 49.
    Wong, A. B.; Rutherford, M. A.; Gabrielaitis, M.; Pangrsic, T.; Goettfert, F.; Frank, T.; Michanski, S.; Hell, S.; Wolf, F.; Wichmann, C.; Moser, T.:
    Developmental refinement of hair cell synapses tightens the coupling of Ca2+ influx to exocytosis. EMBO Journal 33 247-264 (2014)
  50. 50.
    Drosophila miR-9a targets the ECM receptor Dystroglycan to canalize myotendinous junction formation. Developmental Cell 38 (3), 335-348 (2014)
  51. 51.
    Aggarwal, S.; Snaidero, N.; Pähler, G.; Frey, S.; Sanchez, P.; Zweckstetter, M.; Janshoff, A.; Schneider, A.; Weil, M. T.; Schaap, I. A. T.; Görlich, D.; Simons, M.:
    Myelin membrane assembly is driven by a phase transition of myelin basic proteinsiInto a cohesive protein meshwork. PLoS Biology 11 (6) (2013)
  52. 52.
    Small-scale isolation of synaptic vesicles from mammalian brain. Nature Protocols 8 (5), 998-1009 (2013)
  53. 53.
    Ahmed, S.; Wittenmayer, N.; Kremer, T.; Hoeber, J.; Akula, A. K.; Urlaub, H.; Islinger, M.; Kirsch, J.; Dean, C.; Dresbach, T.:
    Mover Is a homomeric phospho-proteinpPresent on synaptic vesicles. PLoS One 8 (5) (2013)
  54. 54.
    Akoury, E.; Gajda, M.; Pickhardt, M.; Biernat, J.; Pornsuwan, S.; Griesinger, C.; Mandelkow, E.; Zweckstetter, M.:
    Inhibition of tau filament formation by conformational modulation. Journal of The American Chemical Society 135 (7), 2853-2862 (2013)
  55. 55.
    Akoury, E.; Pickardt, M.; Gajda, M. J.; Biernat, J.; Mandelkow, E.; Zweckstetter, M.:
    Mechanistic basis of phenothiazine-driven inhibition of Tau aggregation. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 52 (12), 3511-3515 (2013)
  56. 56.
    Al-Hasani, K.; Pfeifer, A.; Courtney, M.; Ben-Othman, N.; Gjernes, E.; Vieira, A.; Druelle, N.; Avolio, F.; Ravassard, P.; Leuckx, G.; Lacas-Gervais, S.; Ambrosetti, D.; Benizri, E.; Hecksher-Sorensen, J.; Gounon, P.; Ferrer, J.; Gradwohl, G.; Heimberg, H.; Mansouri, A.; Collombat, P.:
    Adult duct-lining cells can reprogram into β-like cells able to counter repeated cycles of toxin-induced diabetes. Developmental Cell 26 (1), 86-100 (2013)
  57. 57.
    Alvarez, Y. D.; Fauerbach, J. A.; Pellegrotti, J. V.; Jovin, T. M.; Jares-Erijman, E. A.; Stefani, F. D.:
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  58. 58.
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  59. 59.
    Anokhina, M.; Bessonov, S.; Miao, Z. C.; Westhof, E.; Hartmuth, K.; Lührmann, R.:
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  60. 60.
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  61. 61.
    Arden-Jacob, J.; Drexhage, K.-H.; Druzhinin, S. I.; Ekimova, M.; Flender, O.; Lenzer, T.; Oum, K.; Scholz, M.:
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  62. 62.
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  63. 63.
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  64. 64.
    Increased proteome coverage by combining PAGE and peptide isoelectric focusing: Comparative study of gel-based separation approaches. Proteomics 13 (20), 2947-2955 (2013)
  65. 65.
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  66. 66.
    Quantum capture of charged particles by rapidly rotating symmetric top molecules with small dipole moments: Analytical comparison of the fly-wheel and adiabatic channel limits. Molecular Physics 111 (14-15), 2003-2011 (2013)
  67. 67.
    Quantum effects in the capture of charged particles by dipolar polarizable symmetric top molecules. I. General axially nonadiabatic channel treatment. The Journal of Chemical Physics 139 (8) (2013)
  68. 68.
    Measuring dynamic and kinetic information in the previously inaccessible Supra-tc window of nanoseconds to microseconds by solution NMR spectroscopy. Molecules 18 (10), 11904-11937 (2013)
  69. 69.
    Enhanced accuracy of kinetic information from CT-CPMG experiments by transverse rotating-frame spectroscopy. Journal of Biomolecular NMR 57 (1), 73-82 (2013)
  70. 70.
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  71. 71.
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  72. 72.
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  73. 73.
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  74. 74.
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  75. 75.
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  76. 76.
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  82. 82.
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  88. 88.
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