Holger Stark
Holger Stark
Professor at the University of Göttingen
Phone:+49 551 201-1305Fax:+49 551 201-1197
Juliane Moses
Juliane Moses
Phone:+49 551 201-1405Fax:+49 551 201-1197

Project Group

Structural Biochemistry and Mechanisms

Project Group Leader: Ashwin Chari

Holger Stark

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Structural Dynamics

The aim of our group is to determine three-dimensional structures of macromolecules with the single particle electron cryomicroscopy technique. Our work is mainly focused on spliceosomal components called snRNPs to obtain structural information about the eucaryotic pre-mRNA splicing. Apart from that we are working on ribosomal, viral and oxygen carrier projects. More detailed information is provided on our group website.

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