Stefan Jakobs
Stefan Jakobs
Research Group Leader, Professor at the University of Göttingen
Phone:+49 551 201-2531Fax:+49 551 201-1085

Stefan Jakobs

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Structure and Dynamics of Mitochondria

Mitochondria have a central role in the energy metabolism of all eukaryotic cells and are important for many cellular and developmental processes. Mitochondrial dysfunctions are associated with numerous severe diseases, including several devastating neurodegenerative diseases. We are concentrating on two research areas that are fundamental for the maintenance of mitochondrial structure and function. First, we investigate the molecular mechanisms that maintain the structural organization of the inner membrane. Second, we investigate the degree, the functional relevance, and the molecular causes of the heterogeneity of mitochondrial structure and function in healthy and challenged single cells. Because mitochondria are very small organelles, we are using – besides molecular and biochemical tools – in particular advanced super-resolution light microscopy.

Our second interest is, as part of a research initiative of the Department of NanoBiophotonics, the investigation and improvement of reversibly switchable fluorescent proteins. These proteins are reversibly switchable between a non-fluorescent and a fluorescent state by light. With their unique properties, they open up numerous potential applications in microscopy and cell biology.

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