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Caizzi, L.; Monteiro-Martins, S.; Schwalb, B.; Lysakovskaya, K.; Schmitzova, J.; Sawicka, A.; Chen, Y.; Lidschreiber, M.; Cramer, P.: Efficient RNA polymerase II pause release requires U2 snRNP function. Molecular Cell, In Press (2021)
Journal Article
Tellier, M.; Zaborowska, J.; Caizzi, L.; Mohammad, E.; Velychko, T.; Schwalb, B.; Ferrer-Vicens, I.; Blears, D.; Nojima, T.; Cramer, P. et al.; Murphy, S.: CDK12 globally stimulates RNA polymerase II transcription elongation and carboxyl-terminal domain phosphorylation. Nucleic Acids Research 48 (14), pp. 7712 - 7727 (2020)
Journal Article
Wachutka, L.; Caizzi, L.; Gagneur, J.; Cramer, P.: Global donor and acceptor splicing site kinetics in human cells. eLife 8, e45056 (2019)
Journal Article
Vos, S. M.; Pöllmann, D.; Caizzi, L.; Hofmann, K. B.; Rombaut, P.; Zimniak, T.; Herzog, F.; Cramer, P.: Architecture and RNA binding of the human negative elongation factor. eLife 5, e14981 (2016)
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