Lectures, Seminars & Events at the Göttingen Campus

Lectures, Seminars & Events at the Göttingen Campus

Current seminars at the institute are listed below. All events and seminars at the Göttingen Campus can be found in the Göttingen Campus Event Calendar. The link and further information can be found on the left.

Site-selective surface reaction kinetics on nanosized metal particles

17542 1566465037

Manfred Eigen Lecture: tba

Manfred Eigen Lecture
tba [more]
19981 1566400377

Karl Friedrich Bonhoeffer Award Lecture: tba

Karl Friedrich Bonhoeffer Award Lecture
19052 1566465168

Fassberg Seminar - Special Date: Unleashing the Potential of induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells

Fassberg Seminar - Special Date
17958 1566398535

Fassberg Seminar - Special Date: Epigenetics and cell fate in early mammalian development

Fassberg Seminar - Special Date

Department of Molecular Biology Seminar Series: Alternative RNA processing in neuronal function

Department of Molecular Biology Seminar Series
17493 1550827391

Fassberg Seminar - Special Date: Biophysics of Cell Division (provisional title)

Fassberg Seminar - Special Date
19054 1568107690

Fassberg Seminar - Special Date: Biomolecular condensates and their implications for physiology and disease

Fassberg Seminar - Special Date
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