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    Lim, J.; Caen, O.; Vrignon, J.; Konrad, M.; Taly, V.; Baret, J.-C.: Parallelized ultra-high throughput microfluidic emulsifier for multiplex kinetic assays. Biomicrofluidics 9 (3) (2015)
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    Lim, J.; Vrignon, J.; Gruner, P.; Karamitros, C. S.; Konrad, M.; Baret, J. C.: Ultra-high throughput detection of single cell beta-galactosidase activity in droplets using micro-optical lens array. Applied Physics Letters 103 (20) (2013)
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    Karamitros, C. S.; Lim, J.; Konrad, M.: An Amplex Red-based fluorometric and spectrophotometric assay for L-asparaginase using its natural substrate. Analytical Biochemistry 445 (2013)
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    Lim, J.; Gruner, P.; Konrad, M.; Baret, J. C.: Micro-optical lens array for fluorescence detection in droplet-based microfluidics. Lab on a Chip 13 (8), pp. 1472 - 1475 (2013)
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