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    Textoris‐Taube, K.; Cammann, C.; Henklein, P.; Topfstedt, E.; Ebstein, F.; Henze, S.; Liepe, J.; Zhao, F.; Schadendorf, D.; Dahlmann, B. et al.; Uckert, W.; Paschen, A.; Mishto, M.; Seifert, U.: ER-aminopeptidase 1 determines the processing and presentation of an immunotherapy-relevant melanoma epitope. European Journal of Immunology (2019)
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    Kuckelkorn, U.; Stübler, S.; Textoris-Taube, K.; Killian, C.; Niewienda, A.; Henklein, P.; Janek, K.; Stumpf, M. P.; Mishto, M.; Liepe, J.: Proteolytic dynamics of human 20S thymoproteasome. Journal of Biological Chemistry 294, pp. 7740 - 7754 (2019)
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    Dianzani, C.; Vecchio, D.; Clemente, N.; Chiocchetti, A.; Boneschi, F. M.; Galimberti, D.; Dianzani, U.; Comi, C.; Mishto, M.; Liepe, J.: Untangling extracellular proteasome-osteopontin circuit dynamics in multiple sclerosis. Cells 8 (3), 262 (2019)
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    Liepe, J.; Sidney, J.; Lorenz, F. K. M.; Sette, A.; Mishto, M.: Mapping the MHC class I spliced immunopeptidome of cancer cells. Cancer Immunology Research 7 (1), pp. 62 - 76 (2019)
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    Mishto, M.; Mansurkhodzhaev, A.; Ying, G.; Bitra, A.; Cordfunke, R. A.; Henze, S.; Paul, D.; Sidney, J.; Urlaub, H.; Neefjes, J. et al.; Sette, A.; Zajonc, D. M.; Liepe, J.: An in silico-in vitro pipeline identifying an HLA-A*02:01+ KRAS G12V+ spliced epitope candidate for a broad tumor-immune response in cancer patients. Frontiers in Immunology 10, 2572 (2019)
  6. Journal Article
    Liepe, J.; Ovaa, H.; Mishto, M.: Why do proteases mess up with antigen presentation by re-shuffling antigen sequences? Current Opinion in Immunology 52, pp. 81 - 86 (2018)
  7. Journal Article
    Dony, L.; Mackerodt, J.; Ward, S.; Filippi, S.; Stumpf, M. P. H.; Liepe, J.: PEITH(Θ) - perfecting experiments with information theory in python with GPU support. Bioinformatics 34 (7), pp. 1249 - 1250 (2018)
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    Mishto, M.; Liepe, J.: Post-translational peptide splicing and T cell responses. Trends in Immunology 38 (12), pp. 904 - 915 (2017)
  9. Journal Article
    Platteel, A. C. M.; Liepe, J.; van Eden, W.; Mishto, M.; Sijts, A. J. A. M.: An unexpected major role for proteasome-catalyzed peptide splicing in generation of T cell epitopes: Is there relevance for vaccine development? Frontiers in Immunology 8 (2017)
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    MacLean, A. L.; Smith, M. A.; Liepe, J.; Sim, A.; Khorshed, R.; Rashidi, N. M.; Scherf, N.; Kinner, A.; Roeder, I.; Lo Celso, C. et al.; Stumpf, M. P. H.: Single cell phenotyping reveals heterogeneity among haematopoietic stem cells following infection. Stem Cells 35 (11), pp. 2292 - 2304 (2017)
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    Platteel, A. C. M.; Liepe, J.; Textoris-Taube, K.; Keller, C.; Henklein, P.; Schalkwijk, H. H.; Cardoso, R.; Kloetzel, P. M.; Mishto, M.; Sijts, A. J. A. M.: Multi-level strategy for identifying proteasome-catalyzed spliced epitopes targeted by CD8+ T cells during bacterial infection. Cell Reports 20 (5) (2017)
  12. Journal Article
    Dianzani, C.; Bellavista, E.; Liepe, J.; Verderio, C.; Martucci, M.; Santoro, A.; Chiocchetti, A.; Gigliotti, C. L.; Boggio, E.; Ferrara, B. et al.; Riganti, L.; Keller, C.; Janek, K.; Niewienda, A.; Fenoglio, C.; Sorosina, M.; Cantello, R.; Kloetzel, P. M.; Stumpf, M. P. H.; Paul, F.; Ruprecht, K.; Galimberti, D.; Boneschi, F. M.; Comi, C.; Dianzani, U.; Mishto, M.: Extracellular proteasome-osteopontin circuit regulates cell migration with implications in multiple sclerosis. Scientific Reports 7 (2017)
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    Liepe, J.; Marino, F.; Sidney, J.; Jeko, A.; Bunting, D. E.; Sette, A.; Kloetzel, P. M.; Stumpf, M.l. P. H.; Heck, A. J. R.; Mishto, M.: A large fraction of HLA class I ligands are proteasome-generated spliced peptides. Science 354 (6310) (2016)
  14. Journal Article
    Weavers, H.; Liepe, J.; Sim, A.; Wood, W.; Martin, P.-; Stumpf, M. P. H.: Systems analysis of the dynamic inflammatory response to tissue damage reveals spatiotemporal properties of the wound attractant gradient. Current Biology 26 (15), pp. 1975 - 1989 (2016)
  15. Journal Article
    Liepe, J.; Sim, A.; Weavers, H.; Ward, L.; Martin, P.; Stump, M. P. H.: Accurate reconstruction of cell and particle tracks from 3D live imaging data. Cell Systems 3 (1), pp. 102 - 107 (2016)
  16. Journal Article
    Platteel, A. C. M.; Mishto, M.; Textoris-Taube, K.; Keller, C.; Liepe, J.; Busch, D. H.; Kloetzel, P. M.; Sijts, A. J. A. M.: CD8(+) T cells of Listeria monocytogenes-infected mice recognize both linear and spliced proteasome products. European Journal of Immunology 46 (5), pp. 1109 - 1118 (2016)
  17. Journal Article
    Textoris-Taube, K.; Keller, C.; Liepe, J.; Henklein, P.; Sidney, J.; Sette, A.; Kloetzel, P. M.; Mishto, M.: The T210M substitution in the HLA-a*02:01 gp100 epitope strongly affects overall proteasomal cleavage site usage and antigen processing. Journal of Biological Chemistry 290 (51), pp. 30417 - 30428 (2015)
  18. Journal Article
    Jones, P. J. M.; Sim, A.; Taylor, H. B.; Bugeon, L.; Dallman, M. J.; Pereira, B.; Stumpf, M. P. H.; Liepe, J.: Inference of random walk models to describe leukocyte migration. Physical Biology 12 (6) (2015)
  19. Journal Article
    Liepe, J.; Holzhütter, H. G.; Bellavista, E.; Kloetzel, P. M.; Stumpf, M. P. H.; Mishto, M.: Quantitative time-resolved analysis reveals intricate, differential regulation of standard- and immuno-proteasomes. eLife 4 (2015)
  20. Journal Article
    Sim, A.; Liepe, J.; Stumpf, M. P.: Goldstein-Kac telegraph processes with random speeds: Path probabilities, likelihoods, and reported Lévy flights. Physical Review E 91 (4), 042115 (2015)
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