Publications of D. Marsh

Conference Paper (12)

Conference Paper
Marsh, D.: Studies of membrane dynamics using nitroxide spin labels. International Conference on Nitroxide Radicals, Novosibirsk, USSR. Pure and Applied Chemistry 62 (2), pp. 265 - 270 (1990)
Conference Paper
King, M. D.; Marsh, D.: Polymorphic phase-behavior of lysopalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine in polyethylene glycol-water mixtures. Biophysical Journal 53 (2), p. A212 - A212 (1988)
Conference Paper
King, M. D.; Marsh, D.: Headgroup and chainlength dependence of phospholipid self assembly studied by spin label electron spin-resonance. Biophysical Journal 51 (2), p. A19 - A19 (1987)
Conference Paper
Powell, G. L.; Marsh, D.: The lamellar phase of cardiolipin is stabilezed by the transbilayer protein cytochrome-C-oxidase. Biophysical Journal 51 (2), p. A170 - A170 (1987)
Conference Paper
Pringle, M. J.; Marsh, D.: Lipid specificity for the membrane sector of the mitochondrial H+ ATpase. Federation proceedings 45 (6), p. 1554 - 1554 (1986)
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