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    Barna, B.; Kuhnt, U.; Siklos, L.: Chloride distribution in the CA 1 region of newborn and adult hippocampus by light microscopic histochemistry. Histochemical Cell Biology 115, pp. 105 - 116 (2001)
  2. Journal Article
    Siklos, L.; Kuhnt, U.; Parducz, A.; Szerdahelyi, P.: Intracellular calcium redistribution accompanies changes in total tissue Na+, K+ and water during the first two hours of in vitro incubation of hippocampal slices. Neuroscience 79 (4), pp. 1013 - 1022 (1997)
  3. Journal Article
    Siklos, L.; Kuhnt, U.: Calcium accumulation by dendritic mitochondria declines along the apical dendrites of pyramidal neurons in area CA1 of guinea pig hippocampal slices. Neuroscience Letters 173 (1-2), pp. 131 - 134 (1994)
  4. Journal Article
    Siklos, L.; Kuhnt, U.: Algorithm for semi-automatic sorting of objects to specified tissue domains. An aid for co-ordinating morphometric data with identified tissue components. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 46 (3), pp. 217 - 224 (1993)
  5. Journal Article
    Kuhnt, U.; Mihaly, A.; Siklos, L.; Joo, F.: Increased retention of calcium in the dendrites of long-term potentiated CA1 neurons of the hippocampal slice. A combined electrophysiological and electron histochemical study. Histochemistry 90 (3), pp. 185 - 193 (1988)
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