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    Journal Article
    Kirilina, E.; Prisner, T.; Bennati, M.; Endeward, B.; Dzuba, S.; Fuchs, M.; Moebius, K.; Schnegg, A.: Molecular dynamics of nitroxides in glasses as studied by multi-frequency EPR. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 43, pp. S119 - S129 (2005)
  2. 62.
    Journal Article
    Bennati, M.; Robblee, J.; Mugnaini, V.; Stubbe, J.; Freed, J. H.; Borbat, P.: EPR distance measurements support a model for long-range radical initiation in E. coli ribonucleotide reductase. Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (43), pp. 15014 - 15015 (2005)
  3. 63.
    Journal Article
    Bennati, M.; Lendzian, F.; Schmittle, M.; Zipse, H.: Spectroscopic and theoretical approaches for studying radical reactions in class I ribonucleotide reductase. Biological Chemistry 386 (10), pp. 1007 - 1022 (2005)
  4. 64.
    Journal Article
    Hedderich, R.; Hamann, N.; Bennati, M.: Heterodisulfide reductase from methanogenic archaea: a new catalytic role for an iron-sulfur cluster. Biological Chemistry 386 (10), pp. 961 - 970 (2005)
  5. 65.
    Journal Article
    Bennati, M.; Prisner, T.: New developments in high field electron paramagnetic resonance with applications in structural biology. Reports on Progress in Physics 68 (2), pp. 411 - 448 (2005)
  6. 66.
    Journal Article
    Denysenkov, V.; Prisner, T.; Stubbe, J.; Bennati, M.: High-frequency 180 GHz PELDOR. Applied Magnetic Resonance 29 (2), pp. 375 - 384 (2005)
  7. 67.
    Journal Article
    Fritscher, J.; Artin, E.; Wnuck, S.; Bar, G.; Robblee, J.; Kacprzak, S.; Kaupp, M.; Griffin, R. G.; Bennati, M.; Stubbe, J.: Structure of the nitrogen-centered radical formed during inactivation of E. coli ribonucleotide reductase by 2'-azido-2'-deoxyuridine-5'-diphosphate: Trapping of the 3'-ketonucleotide. Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (21), pp. 7729 - 7738 (2005)
  8. 68.
    Journal Article
    Hertel, M.; Denysenkov, V.; Bennati, M.; Prisner, T.: Pulsed 180-GHz EPR/ENDOR/PELDOR spectroscopy. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 43, pp. S248 - S255 (2005)
  9. 69.
    Journal Article
    Spoerner, M.; Prisner, T.; Bennati, M.; Hertel, M.; Weiden, N.; Schweins, T.; Kalbitzer, H. R.: Conformational states of human H-ras detected by high-field EPR, ENDOR, and P-31 NMR spectroscopy. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 43, pp. S74 - S83 (2005)
  10. 70.
    Journal Article
    Bennati, M.; Weiden, N.; Dinse, K. P.; Hedderich, R.: Fe-57 ENDOR spectroscopy on the iron-sulfur cluster involved in substrate reduction of heterodisulfide reductase. Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (27), pp. 8378 - 8379 (2004)
  11. 71.
    Journal Article
    Bennati, M.; Weber, A.; Antonic, J.; Perlstein, D.; Robblee, J.; Stubbe, J.: Pulsed ELDOR spectroscopy measures the distance between the two tyrosyl radicals in the R2 subunit of the E-coli ribonucleotide reductase. Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (49), pp. 14988 - 14989 (2003)
  12. 72.
    Journal Article
    Bar, G.; Bennati, M.; Nguyen, H. H.; Stubbe, J.; Griffin, R. G.: High-frequency (140-GHz) time domain EPR and ENDOR spectroscopy: The tyrosyl radical-diiron cofactor in ribonucleotide reductase from yeast. Journal of the American Chemical Society 123 (15), pp. 3569 - 3576 (2001)
  13. 73.
    Journal Article
    Bennati, M.; Stubbe, J.; Griffin, R. G.: High-frequency EPR and ENDOR: Time-domain spectroscopy of ribonucleotide reductase. Applied Magnetic Resonance 21 (3-4), pp. 389 - 410 (2001)
  14. 74.
    Journal Article
    Weis, V.; Bennati, M.; Rosay, M.; Griffin, R. G.: Solid effect in the electron spin dressed state: A new approach for dynamic nuclear polarization. Journal of Chemical Physics 113 (16), pp. 6795 - 6802 (2000)
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    Journal Article
    Rovnyak, D.; Baldus, M.; Itin, B.; Bennati, M.; Stevens, A.; Griffin, R. G.: Characterization of a carbon-nitrogen network solid with NMR and High field EPRJ. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 104 (42), pp. 9817 - 9822 (2000)
  16. 76.
    Journal Article
    Mikulec, F. V.; Kuno, M.; Bennati, M.; Hall, D. A.; Griffin, R. G.; Bawendi, M. G.: Organometallic synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of manganese-doped CdSe nanocrystals. Journal of te American Chemical Society 122 (11), pp. 2532 - 2540 (2000)

Book Chapter (3)

  1. 77.
    Book Chapter
    Bennati, M.: EPR Interactions - Hyperfine couplings. In: eMagRes. Wiley, Hoboken, N.J. (2017)
  2. 78.
    Book Chapter
    Bennati, M.; Tkach, I.; Türke, M. T.: Dynamic nuclear polarization in liquids. In: Electron paramagnetic resonance, Vol. 22, pp. 155 - 182 (Ed. Gilbert, B.C.). Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge (2011)
  3. 79.
    Book Chapter
    Bennati, M.; Murphy, D.: Electron paramagnetic resonance spectra in the solid state. In: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, pp. 195 - 250 (Eds. Brustolon, M.; Giamello, E.). Wiley, Hoboken, N.J. (2009)

Conference Paper (2)

  1. 80.
    Conference Paper
    Stubbe, J.; Nocera, D.; Bennati, M.; Tommos, C.; Britt, D.; Drennan, C.: Radicals: Your lIfe is in their hands. 257th National Meeting of the American-Chemical-Society (ACS), Orlando, FL, March 31, 2019 - April 04, 2019. Abstracts of Papers - American Chemical Society 257, (2019)
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