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Lazzaretti, D.; Veith, K.; Kramer, K.; Basquin, C.; Urlaub, H.; Iron, U.; Bono, F.: The bicoid mRNA localization factor Exuperantia is an RNA-binding pseudonuclease. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 23 (8), pp. 705 - 713 (2016)
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Zaman, U.; Richter, F. M.; Hofele, R. V.; Kramer, K.; Sachsenberg, T.; Kohlbacher, O.; Lenz, C.; Urlaub, H.: Dithiothreitol (DTT) acts as a specific, UV-inducible cross-linker in elucidation of protein-RNA interactions. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics 14 (12), pp. 3196 - 3210 (2015)
Journal Article
Sharma, K.; Hrle, A.; Kramer, K.; Sachsenberg, T.; Staals, R. H. J.; Randau, L.; Marchfelder, A.; van der Oost, J.; Kohlbacher, O.; Conti, E. et al.; Urlaub, H.: Analysis of protein–RNA interactions in CRISPR proteins and effector complexes by UV-induced cross-linking and mass spectrometry. Methods 89, pp. 138 - 148 (2015)
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Kramer, K.; Sachsenberg, T.; Beckmann, B. M.; Qamar, S.; Boon, K. L.; Hentze, M. W.; Kohlbacher, O.; Urlaub, H.: Photo-cross-linking and high-resolution mass spectrometry for assignment of RNA-binding sites in RNA-binding proteins. Nature Methods 11 (10), pp. 1064 - 1070 (2014)
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Loedige, I.; Stotz, M.; Qamar, S.; Kramer, K.; Hennig, J.; Schubert, T.; Löffler, P.; Längst, G.; Merkl, R.; Urlaub, H. et al.; Meister, G.: The NHL domain of BRAT is an RNA-binding domain that directly contacts the hunchback mRNA for regulation. Genes and Development 28 (7), pp. 749 - 764 (2014)
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Schmidt, C.; Kramer, K.; Urlaub, H.: Investigation of protein–RNA interactions by mass spectrometry: Techniques and applications. Journal of proteomics 75 (12), pp. 3478 - 3494 (2012)
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Schmitzova, J.; Rasche, N.; Dybkov, O.; Kramer, K.; Fabrizio, P.; Urlaub, H.; Lührmann, R.; Pena, V.: Crystal structure of Cwc2 reveals a novel architecture of a multipartite RNA-binding protein. EMBO Journal 31 (9), pp. 2222 - 2234 (2012)
Journal Article
Kramer, K.; Hummel, P.; Hsiao, H. H.; Luo, X.; Wahl, M.; Urlaub, H.: Mass-spectrometric analysis of proteins cross-linked to 4-thio-uracil- and 5-bromo-uracil-substituted RNA. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 304 (2-3), pp. 184 - 194 (2011)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Qamar, S.; Kramer, K.; Urlaub, H.: Studying RNA-protein interactions of pre-mRNA complexes by mass spectrometry. In: Structures of large RNA molecules and their complexes, pp. 417 - 463 (Eds. Woodson, S. A.; Allain, F. H. T.). Elsevier, Amsterdam (2015)

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Thesis - PhD
Kramer, K.: Investigation of protein-RNA interactions by UV cross-linking and mass spectrometry: Methodological improvements toward in vivo applications. Dissertation, Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen (2013)
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