Henning Urlaub

Phone:+49 551 201-1060

Facility for Proteomics

Facility for Proteomics

The Service Department of Mass Spectrometry, a part of the Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry Group, offers the routine determination of molecular mass of intact proteins, in-gel digestion of proteins, peptide mass fingerprinting and post-source-decay for sequencing peptides in the MALDI mass spectrometer (Reflex IV, Bruker Daltonics, 4800 Proteome Analyzer, ABI/MDS Sciex), and LC-coupled tandem ESI mass spectrometry for sequencing peptides on a Q-ToF (Q-ToF Ultima, Waters) and a hybrid triple quadrupole/linear iontrap (4000 QTrap, ABI/MDS Sciex). Furthermore, we have facilities for microbore, capillary and nano- 1D and 2D LC-based separation of proteins and peptides (ABI Tempo LC, Agilent 1100 series, GE Healthcare SMART system, Dionex Ultimate and Ultimate Dual Gradient), for the identification of post-translational modifications (4000 Q Trap, ABI/MDS Sciex) for the validation of protein components by multiple reaction monitoring 4000 Q Trap, ABI/MDS Sciex), and for sequence determination de novo (Peaks Software).

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