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For women, the biological clock starts ticking by their mid-30s at the latest: Fertility decreases, the risk of miscarriages increases. One of the main reasons behind both are eggs with altered chromosome numbers. It has remained largely unclear, however, why eggs from older women more frequently possess too many or too few chromosomes. A German-English research team has now discovered that certain structures on the egg’s chromosomes age and fall apart, possibly promoting incorrect chromosome distribution.  more

A research team involving Dirk Görlich of the MPI for Biophysical Chemistry has been awarded one of highly competetive Synergy Grants from the European Research Council. Funds of 11 million Euros during the next six years will enable the scientists to elucidate the molecular details of muscle formation and function. more

In the exhibition series Kunst am Fassberg, the Institute presents paintings by Christine Reinckens. The exhibition Rhythms and Rows will be obend on Saturday, October 26 at 4 pm in the foyer. The exhibition will run until November 19. (in German) more

The Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Elsevier/Biochimica et Biophysica Acta honor the director for her innovative research research which has not only revealed central principles of the function of ribosomes, but has also revolutionized ribosome research as a whole. (in German) more

Launch of the new "Matter to Life" programme in Göttingen. Students with an excellent bachelor's degree will receive special support at the three Max Planck Schools "Matter to Life", "Photonics" and "Cognition". (in German) more

The Max Planck director receives the award of the Schering Stiftung for his pioneering research on an elemantary process of life - the copying of genes, called transcription. (in German) more

The electronics technician for devices and systems is honored with this year's award for his outstanding performance in his apprenticeship. (in German) more

Internationally renowned scientists and authors will again be guests at the Göttinger Literaturherbst from October 18-27, 2019 in the scientifc lecture series Wissenschaft beim Göttinger Literaturherbst. At nine evenings, the speakers will provide the audience with the opportunity to learn about the latest scientific discoveries at first hand in a generally understandable way. (in German) more

A new method developed by Helmut Grubmüller and his team shows that the very little information obtained from simulated measurements with a free-electron laser is sufficient to calculate the 3D structure of a protein at atomic resolution. (in German) more

The neurobiologist is taking over this year's Rolf Sammet Guest Professorship at the Goethe University Frankfurt. The university honors Reinhard Jahn for his groundbreaking research on how biological membranes fuse. (in German) more

For women to give birth to a healthy child, their eggs have to halve their set of chromosomes before fertilization in a sensitive process. Melina Schuh and her team have now discovered a previously unknown structure in mammalian eggs that is indispensable for the error-free distribution of chromosomes. The findings contribute to a better understanding of how mammalian eggs are prepared for fertilization. more

Claudia Schmidt is the winner of the Three-Minute-Thesis Competition organized by the Coimbra Group, a network of leading European universities. With her short talk "The recycling system of our cells", the PhD student convinced the jury in the final contest in Krakow. (in German) more

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