Journal Article (40)

  1. Journal Article
    Engelhardt, J.; Keller, J.; Hoyer, P.; Reuss, M.; Staudt, T.; Hell, S. W.: Molecular orientation affects localization accuracy in superresolution far-field fluorescence microscopy. Nano Letters 11 (1), pp. 209 - 213 (2010)
  2. Journal Article
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  3. Journal Article
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  4. Journal Article
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  5. Journal Article
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  6. Journal Article
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  7. Journal Article
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  8. Journal Article
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  9. Journal Article
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  10. Journal Article
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  11. Journal Article
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  12. Journal Article
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  13. Journal Article
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  14. Journal Article
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  15. Journal Article
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  16. Journal Article
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  17. Journal Article
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  18. Journal Article
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  19. Journal Article
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  20. Journal Article
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  21. Journal Article
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  22. Journal Article
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  23. Journal Article
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  24. Journal Article
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  25. Journal Article
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  26. Journal Article
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  27. Journal Article
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  28. Journal Article
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  29. Journal Article
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  30. Journal Article
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  31. Journal Article
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  32. Journal Article
    Neumann, D.; Bueckers, J.; Kastrup, L.; Hell, S. W.; Jakobs, S.: Two-color STED microscopy reveals different degrees of colocalization between hexokinase-I and the three human VDAC isoforms. PMC Biophysics 3 (1) (2010)
  33. Journal Article
    Splinter, J.; Jakob, B.; Lang, M.; Yano, K.; Engelhardt, J.; Hell, S. W.; Chen, D. J.; Durante, M.; Taucher-Scholz, G.: Biological dose estimation of UVA laser microirradiation utilizing charged particle-induced protein foci. Mutagenesis 25 (3), pp. 289 - 297 (2010)
  34. Journal Article
    Zaitsev, S. Y.; Turshatov, A. A.; Möbius, D.; Gromov, S. P.; Alfimov, M. V.: Organization and properties of a novel amphiphilic crown-ether dye in monolayers at the air/water interface. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 354 (1-3), pp. 51 - 55 (2010)
  35. Journal Article
    Geissbuehler, M.; Spielmann, T.; Formey, A.; Marki, I.; Leutenegger, M.; Hinz, B.; Johnsson, K.; Van De Ville, D.; Lasser, T.: Triplet imaging of oxygen consumption during the contraction of a single smooth muscle cell (A7r5). Biophysical Journal 98 (2), pp. 339 - 349 (2010)
  36. Journal Article
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  37. Journal Article
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  38. Journal Article
    Moneron, G.; Medda, R.; Hein, B.; Giske, A.; Westphal, V.; Hell, S. W.: Fast STED microscopy with continuous wave fiber lasers. Optics Express 18 (2), pp. 1302 - 1309 (2010)
  39. Journal Article
    Reuss, M.; Engelhardt, J.; Hell, S. W.: Birefringent device converts a standard scanning microscope into a STED microscope that also maps molecular orientation. Optics Express 18 (2), pp. 1049 - 1058 (2010)
  40. Journal Article
    Vicidomini, G.; Schmidt, R.; Egner, A.; Hell, S. W.; Schoenle, A.: Automatic deconvolution in 4Pi-microscopy with variable phase. Optics Express 18 (10), pp. 10154 - 10167 (2010)

Book Chapter (2)

  1. Book Chapter
    Kastrup, L.; Wildanger, D.; Rankin, B.; Hell, S. W.: STED microscopy with compact light sources. In: Nanoscopy and multidimensional optical fluorescence microscopy, pp. 1 - 13 (Ed. Diaspro, A.). Chapmann and Hall/CRC, Boca Raton (2010)
  2. Book Chapter
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Thesis - PhD (2)

  1. Thesis - PhD
    Rankin, B. R.: Stimulated emission depletion microscopy with stimulated Raman scattering light sources. Dissertation, 66 pp., Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg (2010)
  2. Thesis - PhD
    Sahl, S. J.: Detection of fast diffusing molecules in the membrane of living cells. Dissertation, VIII, 110 pp., Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg (2010)

Thesis - Diploma (1)

  1. Thesis - Diploma
    Stagge, F.: Etablierung neuartiger Fluoreszenzmarkierungen in der Bäckerhefe Saccharomyces cerevisiae für die hochauflösende Mikroskopie mitochondrialer Proteine. Diploma, Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz-Universität Hannover, Hannover (2010)
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