Journal Article (199)

  1. 199.
    Journal Article
    Wustrow, J.; Caselitz, J.; Osborn, M.; Hamper, K.: Die Rolle derIntermediärfilamente in der Differentialdiagnose von tumoren in Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Bereich. HNO 34, pp. 229 - 234 (1986)

Book Chapter (19)

  1. 200.
    Book Chapter
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    Book Chapter
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    Book Chapter
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  4. 203.
    Book Chapter
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    Book Chapter
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  6. 205.
    Book Chapter
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  7. 206.
    Book Chapter
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  8. 207.
    Book Chapter
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    Book Chapter
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    Book Chapter
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  11. 210.
    Book Chapter
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    Book Chapter
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  13. 212.
    Book Chapter
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  14. 213.
    Book Chapter
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  15. 214.
    Book Chapter
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  16. 215.
    Book Chapter
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  17. 216.
    Book Chapter
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  18. 217.
    Book Chapter
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  19. 218.
    Book Chapter
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  1. 219.
    Creutzfeldt, O. D.: Experiments with animals and biomedical-research. Die Umschau 86 (3), pp. 132 - 133 (1986)
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