Day Care on Campus

The new Kita building near the campus entrance.

Starting in fall 2018 the current day care on campus will be increased to up to 106 places for children between 3 month and 6 years in a new building, open throughout the school vacation. There will be two groups for older children with 25 places each (one starting at three years and one starting at two years) and three groups for children under three years (12 to 15 children each depending on the age composition). In addition there will ba a baby group for eight children between three and twelve months. Depending on the actual requirements the group structure can be adjusted. Two thirds of the places are designated for internal use by the MPIs in Göttingen and the GWDG; the baby group is for internal use only. The regular day care times are Monday through Friday 8:00 - 17:00. Extra times can be booked (start in the morning at 7:30 am, until 18:00 at night); together nine hours per day are the maximum time for a child in day care. The operator of the child care facility is Kinderhaus Göttingen e.V.. Fees ("Elternbeiträge", see link left column) depend on the parents' income, detailled information is available at Kinderhaus e.V.

Currently the previous daycare is still active. To bridge the gap until the new building is ready space has been provided by the MPI-BPC for new children to start with the beginning of the school year 2018/9.

Please find comprehensive information on day care and schools here

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