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Journal Article
Choi, J.; Lysakovskai, K.; Lysakovskaia, K.; Stik, G.; Demel, C.; Söding, J.; Tian, T. V.; Graf, T.; Cramer, P.: Evidence for additive and synergistic action of mammalian enhancers during cell fate determination. eLife 10, e65381 (2021)
Journal Article
Zhao, B.; Katuwawala, A.; Oldfield, C. J.; Dunker, A. K.; Faraggi, E.; Gsponer, J.; Kloczkowski, A.; Malhis, N.; Mirdita, M.; Obradovic, Z. et al.; Soding, J.; Steinegger, M.; Zhou, Y.; Kurgan, L.: DescribePROT: database of amino acid-level protein structure and function predictions. Nucleic Acids Research 49 (D1), pp. D298 - D308 (2021)
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